Man Power Supply

Managing many people could be a burden some to your company. We provide man power supply (Professional Employer Or ganization) that helps fulfill workforce re quirement with less workload. We will be in charge of managing the workforce while you aligning their goals according to your busi ness productivity.

Talent Headhunting

Talented employee will ease you in achiev ing the company goals. We help you to find talents that you need with our extended ex perience in talent seeker. Just simply tell us the specification and requirement, then we will give you short listed of potential talent that you can hire.

HR Development

Investing in good employee will benefit your company in mid-long term. We assist you in making the strategy to develop your Human Resources and implementing the strategy through training and courses that they need.

HR Administration

Doing administrative works and applying permits need loads of energy and time. We will reduce the burden you had by taking over the job and you can use the energy to push the company forward.

Payroll Services

Eliminate error risk by using our payroll ser vices. We will not only help you to calculate the salary, we also help you to manage the insurance and local regulation (BPJS). In addition, we will provide assistance to ap ply reimbursement to insurance & BPJS if needed.

Time & Attendance

Improve you company productivity by using our services. We will apply time & attend ance system that suits to your company needs and condition. The benefit of our ser vices is the integration of time & attendance system with our online platform, allowing us to monitor our employee status in a real time.